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FreshWealth: The safest and easiest way to buy the most popular digital currencies.

Your Eggs in Different Baskets

With FreshWealth, it's easy to invest your money across different digital currencies. This way, your holdings are naturally diversified and you aren't betting the farm on one coin.

$50 USD is our minimum investment.

Your Eggs in Different Baskets

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Why FreshWealth?


From our one-step pricing to our easy-to-use site, buying multiple digital currencies is as straightforward as a few clicks.


To protect your money, we keep most deposits offline in cold storage. Online, we only have what’s needed for active trading. We also monitor activity 24/7 to block any suspicious activity.

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Backed by Momentous, a global company with over 25 years in the internet and digital asset space, we offer multilingual support day or night.